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Thread: New to flytraps

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    I am wondreing why my flytraps leaf turned black a day or two after eating a small cricket...QQQ

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    The cricket was probably too large for the trap to handle and bacteria attacked the cricket and the trap. Just cut it off and all should be well.

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    everytime i try to feed my plants, the trap starts to rot, and i have to cut it off. finally, after a month of feeding them, i decided to just let them do their thing. i leave them outside all day and night, and they do great. they're probably over eating. they seem to get a bug a day, on average. is ths too much? i don't know, we'll see what happens, i guess. luckily, vft's are not real expensive, so if a few die, i won't be out a ton of cash.

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    Yes a bug a day is too much, even though I don't think it is possible to overfeed a Venus flytrap. About 3 insects a month or so is good. Make sure the insects are not to big, about ĺ the size of the trap is good. Thats my 2 cents!


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