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Thread: Banrot

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    Being a new owner of vft's, I ordered Banrot for fungus, but when it was sent to me, the directions did not tell me how to mix it and when to use it. It just told me of the dangers of it to humans and animals. I know it originally came in 2lb. bags, but I was sent a very, very small ziplock bag of the Banrot (maybe 2 teaspoons).

    1. Has anyone used this before, and how much do I put into a gallon of water?

    2. When will I know that I need to use it?

    3. Should I spray the plants or water them with it, when they need it?

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    This is what you do:

    1) mix the packet with a gallon of water

    2) submerge the whole pot, to allow the barnot to get totally into the pot.

    3) then a day later...submerge it again into a bowl of water

    This will take care of the plant as well as the soil.

    Let me know if you have more questions:

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    Instead of submerging the whole pot, will it have the same effect if I was to top water, throughly, with the mixture of Banrot. And then mist the plant with the same mixture, because I'm not sure how to go about submerging the whole pot. Wouldn't the soil float about?

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    You can apply it to the top of the soil. I wouldn't spray the leaves though.

    Normally the soil starts to condense, so it shouldn't float out. Plus what you would want to do it a 'quick dunk' and not leave a child under water

    Banrot is like a prevenitive method. You can use monthly if you are worried about fungus.

    You can also use it when you are transplanting. It helps the plants.

    Cleary is more for when you 'see something' The Banrot is when you want to play safe

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    Thank you so much. I hope my new vft's survive while I am learning. I do very well with regular houseplants, so I believe I will catch on quickly.

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