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Thread: Little bugs in my terrarium

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    Hi. There are quite a few little bugs living in my terrarium (sp?) and they crawl up my leaves of my venus flytrap (red dragon) and close the traps. They are about the size of a fruit fly. The trap stays shut for the normal period of time and seems to digest the little bug. Is this ok? It seems like it wouldn't be very "nutritious" for the plant, since they are so small. I would appreciate everyone's opinions. Thanks!

    - Joel

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    Probubly ok. It's actually easier for the plants to digest smaller bugs, so your traps might last a little longer. Also, VFT's don't really require vast amounts of food. they do pretty well on just two or three "regular" bugs a month, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    The only thing I would check, though, is to make sure they aren't actually parasites.
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    You could have bugs breeding in your terrarium. The only things that are harmful for the plants are

    1) mealy bugs
    2) scale
    3) thrips
    4 spider mites

    It is none of the above ( don't panic ). The plant will consume the soft tissues of whatever it catches.

    As long as the traps don't die off when it has a bug, I wouldn't worry.

    Also, remember that VFT's don't need 'eat' anything to live. As long as your plant is producing new traps that are healthy, that is what matter

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