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Thread: Sick vft?

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    I got this VFT from a local nursery. The nursery had put it under shade and with no water tray. I put it out in the sun and left it in a tray of distilled water. A few days later, its leaves started to turn yellow/brown. Did I burn the plant? I've always thought VFTs like full sun. I put my other one in full sun and it's healthy.

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    it looks ok to me!
    its just a bit spindly and weak from its life at the nursery.
    but it looks far from deaths door..with the better conditions you are giving it now, new leaves should come out looking normal..
    those old leaves wont change, they will look that way until they die, but thats ok..the plant itself should be fine..
    just wait for a new crop of 3 or 4 new leaves, then cut off all those old ones! it will look like a totally different plant!


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    I agree. It just looks a little dehydrated and shell-shocked. Given some time on the tray method, and in stable conditions, it should pop back to life.
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