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Thread: Bugs,Terarium

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    What bugs are safe to put in a venus fly trap? How do I make a terarium? does it need a terarium I took it out of the small pot it was crammed in there and I planted it in a pot with some miracle grow canadian spangum moss mix is that ok Can I feed my vft ants and ladybugs?

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    A good terrerium is pft's jungle pot. also, a good website to tell you how to make a terrerium is the sandiego canrivorous plant societies website 9use google or any search engine to find it) soil sohuld be a 50 20 20 10 mix of peat, sphagnum moss, perlite, and sand. dont feed vft's bugs biger than its traps. and never feed it human food. dont feed it beatles either. never fertilize your cp. and never use regular potting soil.

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