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Thread: Can mutated VFT (sawtoothed) take less light/cooler temp?

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    My 2 sawtooths seem to do better in the same amount of light compared to typicals. They put out stronger and larger leaves than the typical. Also, they seem to hate temperatures around 90s.

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    All flytraps are going to hate higher temperatures, they just are not used to it. There are stronger cultivars and strains and sports of the flytrap, a prime example would be the green dragon from petflytrap, incredibly vigorous, by far my largest and most consistently robust flytrap...

    I think however it is not that some need more or less of a condition, just that some take advantage of optimum conditions better, my green dragon does great in the same environment my dente do OK in... I think the dente benefits just as much from the conditions as the green dragon, but has a harder time showing it... (THey don't like my 100 degree summers very much.)

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