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Thread: Spiders

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    A common house spider gets in my domicile by the usual trick (wedging himself into the door, then dropping into the house when I open it and running like heck). He runs right into the VFT pot, with me in chase--the spider can see my hand, and is trying to escape.

    He runs near a trap--stops dead (!), climbs up on it, and starts eating nectar/dew off the edge. I stop, to see what happens. After a minute or two, he continues to look for a dark place to hide--no food tonight, flytrap! I catch him and eject him from the house.

    I knew spiders drank water--but this one seemed excited by the sugar content of the dew. I think the theory that spiders are attracted by the insect corpses in the traps is dead wrong--I think the spiders like the dew. This one was willing to risk capture in order to stop for a taste.


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    I have found that spiders are attracted to the traps as well. The dead insect corpse theory can also be proved wrong from my situation in which spiders crawled into brand new traps.

    It's actually kinda annoying cause when it happens I'm afraid the traps will die because the legs sticking out make big gaps between the sides of the trap. I always pull them out, maybe I'm doing the wrong thing!? Oh well.

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