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Thread: vft indoors?

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    i've never had much success with keeping vfts and i'm beginning to think that the weather might have something to do with it( it gets pretty #### hot here at times and they're all sitting in the little pots that i bought them in. should i change their pots and move them indoors? (my last remaining one has lost all it's leaves bleeeargh!) =(

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    If you're going to keep them outdoors you can't leave in the small pots. The soil temperature will heat up way to much. You need to move them indoors or set the pots down in a larger container and surround them with soil.


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    Move your remaining plant indoors to a fairly sunny window where you can control it's environment. Keep it pretty humid and around 60-80 degrees F. If you are really intent on keeping outdoors, I see 2 easy options. First plant it in a deeper and wider pot and put long fibered sphagnum all over soil surface. Second you might consider just planting it in the ground if you have a place you can take good care of and keep moist at all times.

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