... you can pull a leaf off with its white base intact and place it on top of peat moss , it will make plantlets on its base...[/QUOTE]

Is this true, and as easy as it sounds? I've noticed when pulling dead leaves out that sometimes the base of the leaf comes out with it. I'm presuming all I have to do is pull a healthy, young(ish) leaf out, and poke the base of it into something damp? Wrong time of year, I know, but I've not had a spring with my CPs yet, and I'd like to be prepared.

While I'm on the subject, I have two other plants I'd like to grow more of. I don't know the names of what I've got here, but I do have a photo:

The sundew is apparently easy to grow from leaf. I've tried it, but the leaf just dies

Any help anyone can give me would be fantastic. Thank you!

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