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Thread: Question?

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    Jaie, when I ordered my Dente thats the only choice or option that I had to choose from. Is Exotic gardens selling them all double potted, because mine wasnt 8&#36 it was 6&#36

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    hmmm, &#363 a plant? Now Mondo's gonna really die, call and ambulance someone

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    We have the double plant option for all the flytraps.

    1 is 6&#36
    add 1 for 1.99
    that makes it like &#368.08

    when did you order one? email me your order number and I will take a look at it.

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    Which Flytrap would suggest for me? This will be my First one!

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    hey Titus

    If you have never had one...I would suggest you get a common flytrap and then also get a Green Dragon.

    The common because many people have never seen one in person. They are very neat plants ( neat being an understatement).

    I would also get the Green Dragon because they are very fast growing and have great coloration. They are a hybrid plant and therefore has a little more room to give as far as treatment ( very little though).

    If you do not think that you can handle the lighting requirements for the plant...( which can be hard to some people...they need about 8-10 hours of sunlight...if you use artificial light...then they need 12-16 hours) I would try a Nepenthes, Butterwort, or a Sundew. The Nepenthes and Butterwort that we have on this site are very easy to care for.

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    Quote: from Nostalgia on 11:44 pm on Nov. 26, 2001
    If I were to buy a flytrap at this point would it be required to go through dormancy now? And exactly when is the Dente on sale I really would like to order or pre-order one?

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    If you bought a flytrap from us or any other plant...

    None would require dormancy because they have just come out of tissue culture. So they are safe to go without until next winter. however it is not the 'norm' because most places do not always have a constant source of plants available.

    If you are looking to buy one from someone else...I would ask that question to them. How old are the plants...or would they require dormancy this winter.

    They should be able to answer you one way or the other.

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