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Thread: Dying VFT?

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    My VFT was doing fine in my new place (I've recently moved). I had the windows open cause my hippie landlady disdains A/C. Once I convinced her it was time to artificially cool down the house, the windows closed and my VFT started browning quickly; a budding trap shriveled up. Also, I thought I'd finished off the mild moldy soil problem, but it came back at this same time of turmoil.

    I repotted the girl in a mixture of moistened sphagnum peat moss and perlite to get rid of the mold, and I think the browning's slowed down, but it's still attacking one of the few traps she has left... What's going on? This was all very sudden and quick. Might it be poor air circulation in my room? (It is still so very hot that I've kept the fans running in the evening through all this.)

    Please help me save my plant! I've grown very fond of her; she is my first.


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    As far as care, she was and still is in the same pot in which she was shipped to me (from I've been keeping her tray full of distilled water, but had been a bit neglectful of late and she dried out a few times (which has happened before and has never caused any visible changes in the plant at all).


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    Only things I can think of are:
    Keep water trays topped up,
    Feed a bug every now and again ( 1 - 2 times a month ),
    Take off the flower stalk if it is growing,
    Remove any BLACK traps if they and the leaf are black.

    I'm no expert, but they are a few facts.

    Hope I was some help
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    What's the temp now? A/C does two things. It cools the air and removes humidity. Many fungus's/molds love cool, damp places, like CP soils. I'd make sure your VFT isn't in the cool air draft of the A/C, keep the water level up to help keep humidity up, and put it in a nice sunny location. VenusAshTrap has a point too. Your VFT is going through some stress right now, so you definitely don't want it trying to flower for a while.

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    Hey Sparkles and welcome to the forum!
    What are the temps outside? I ask because alot of growers find that they do great as outdoor plants. Also it would save you a bit of worrying as far as when the airconditioning is on or off. The air conditioning will put your plant in shock which it sounds as if it is already in. Repotting it also will do that as well same with the soil drying out (Please say I read that wrong )
    If you can put it outside and keep it watered. But dont just toss it out put it next to an open window for a while and slowly get it used to the temp difference.
    One way or the other there realy isnt much I can tell you besides remember its growing requirements and keep an eye on it.
    Oh and if your plants get mildew on the surface of your soil just scrape it of next time that usually will do the trick

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