Quote: from RamPuppy on 112 am on April 26, 2002

I wrote an article (laughing at that high falutin name 'article') that you can read in the plant care section that deals with growing cp's in the hostile South Texas environment, trust me, nothing you are dealing with up there can be any worse with what we deal with here... you know, sun bleached bones on the side of the highway and all...

any how, maybe there are some points in there that can help you as well!

Thanks--I gave it a look, and it was helpful in clarifying my situation.

I've moved them to another spot, east of the roses, so that they will get many hours of morning and noon sun, then start to get shaded in the early afternoon (2 or so). The aphids will be watched.

I'll get another, light-colored pot to act as a supersaucer--I may also implement a passive cooling arrangement I've been designing for Darlingtonia.

Thanks again, everyone.


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