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Thread: Idea... Don't laugh...

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    Ok... My nana hadsome logs that glowed because theywere growing in a phosphorus rich swamp... Is this feasable?

    If it is... What if you fed your VFTs lighting bugs Ho hum! heehee...

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    I don't think so although my Sarracenia do catch lot of "False' lighting bugs and no super effects have some through, of course they are nto true lightingin bug now are they! But the chemical that makes lighting bugs glow is utilzed with Bioluminensense. Ohh ahh! large fancy word, but it simpyl means they use thier special body chemical in thier abdomen to react with another chemical to make light. I am not sure if it is any phosporous laden material but hey, I am not sure on this anyways. And yes this WAS a Greg idea.

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