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Thread: Rootone

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    Hey peoples,
    has anyone heard of a plant product called rootone.
    It help form root cell from stems and leaves and such.
    I wanted to use this product on my VFT.
    Can anyone tell me if this product will actually work or if it will hurt my VFT.

    ThanX In AdvancE

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    Rootone is a rooting hormone used in rooting cuttings, it should not be used as a growing aid, but may prove effective if trying to do leaf cuttings. I have never used it on CP, and the results vary with other plants.

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    I have not used Rootone on my VFT's but have used it on Nepenthes with GREAT success!!

    It wouldn't hurt to use a little if you are oing a cutting. It has a fungicide with it to help the cutting.

    I think that it is a good product and works for almost every plant I have ried it with.

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