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Thread: Do i need to repot?????

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    thank you all sooo much for your info on my plant..hopefully it'll turn out to be a happy lil thing

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    If you really do want to repot it, it is possible. Repot in a 2:1 mixture of sphagnum peat moss and washed horticultural sharp or silver sand.
    Pour distilled water into a bucket, put in the peat moss and sand and swoosh it round so that it is saturated. Then put it in a pot. You can dig the plant out with a spoon and repot it, although it is very fiddly!
    BUT - it isn't recommended during growth, although I personally have never lost a flytrap through repotting.
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    it just looks so blahhh in that ugly brown pot it came in ya know? i was reading through this site and saw the plastic bowls that they sell to repot them in....and it looks alot nicer in there but i dont want to put my plant in danger or hurt it

    who knows i guess im still confused on whether or not i should try?? also..where do you find the sand it would need?
    thanks so much, again

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    I agree with Alvin, I have never lost a VFT when repotting during the growing season. I have even made leaf cutting last summer and they are doing well this year.

    If your VFTs are doing as well as you say, simply transferring the entire content out of the small pot into a larger pot, without too much disturbance of the roots and supplementing with additional medium (1 part peat: 1 part sand), should not trouble your VFT much.

    As for the sand, I have used playground sand (washed several times until water is clear) or you could buy sand from any plant/hardware store.

    Again, RECOMMENDATION is not to repot during growing period, but if you are obsessed with your VFT being neat looking, like me , I say go and do it

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