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Thread: Infestation of Bugs On VTF\'s

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    I top-watered my vtf's yesterday with Banrot, and I noticed almost microscopic white-colored bugs jumping out of the pot (looked sorta like overcooking popcorn or something). Was wondering what type of bugs these are, and are they damaging to the plant? Did it again today, and the same thing happened. Does the Banrot work for preventing these pest from coming back.

    Was also wondering how much/often should I use the Banrot on the VTF's

    Thanks again

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    Those "bugs" are most likly springtails. All in all they are harmless and live of the dead leaves and other micro garbage that floats aroung in potting soil. I have never experienced a problem with them damaging health plants (or any plants for that matter) but I guess there is a possibility that they could take down a sick plant.

    As for Banrot, it won't work on any type of bug as it is a fungicide For a good all purpose bug killer I suggest Orthene. Use is as per lable instructins and make sure you do it outside because it reeks like nothing else.


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