Basically, what you'll find is that whatever you should be doing for a typical to get maximum growth, you have to do with a red dragon to get resonable growth. The number one issue with them is that they seem to require more light to use up the same amount of water. This means that higher humidty (which again lowers water usage rates) can actually be hindering to RDs while it may help typicals who sometimes drink too much.

What usually happens is they are given average light levels with average water and they get crown rot. If you grow your plant outside in the sun, you probubly won't have issues, but if it is in a terrarium or a windowsill, you'll want to cut back on the water a little and take extra steps to prevent crown rot.

My Red dragon gets some extra care as I grow it low-light right now (a style which is very difficult to balence with a RD). I consitter any inside plant low light. Mine doesn't sit in water, it gets to hold it's fill of water every few days. It's color is ... well it's a funky burgandy brown, but not a dead brown, a red and green mix brown Anyhow, it's trippled in size since I got it last October, so if you have to grow it inside, you can still get a good healthy plant. It's just harder.