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Thread: Relocating VFTs

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    I want to put my VFTs in a new (bigger) pot. Is there a correct way to handle them? What kind of soil do I need to put them in?

    And this is probably a dumb question, but if a trap decides to clamp on my finger, does it hurt?

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    Repot in a 2 parts sphagnum peat moss to 1 part sharp sand. The sand should be washed and be lime free - it'll say all that on the bag.
    And no, a VFT can't hurt you! Try scooping it out with a spoon but make sure you are careful with the roots.
    You might want to wait until autumn to repot, it'll stress the plant.
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    I use a 60% peat 40% Perlite mixture I use perlite cause its lighter but in all honesty I dont think theres a difference between growing a vft in that or sand except some think that the perlite is ugly.
    What I would do is pop the whole plant and soil out a the same time and just put into another pot with some new soil under and around the older stuff.
    If you insist on totally removing all of the old soil which I couldnt see why anybody would do get a bowl filled with either rain or distilled water and swish it gently around so you do not disturb the roots.
    LIke Alvin said it would be better to wait until Autumn to repot though.
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