OK, the VFT's sucked up all the water in their trays last night, so they've been dry ever since. I'll probably wait a day or two and see how goes before adding more water. The green on the sphagnum was slimy. Once I gently scraped it all off (along with the moss around the general area) and buried it in peat and perlite, it seems to be ok. Some of the perlite is green, which is probably still the same problem. However, whatever it is I've been trying to keep on top of it and it doesn't seem to be effecting the growth of my plants at all, so I suspect it's under control.

The flytrap that is flowering, oddly enough, is the one of my 4 babies who seems the least healthy. All the traps are exhausted and not in working order (I noticed this well before the flower stalk started growing). It is slowly attempting to sprout 2 new traps right now, but naturally not nearly as fast as my other 3. I'm going to leave it, and let it flower. I feel it's worth the risk to allow it to happen this once anyway, if this plant dies I can call it acceptable risk for the experience! I know the flowers may not be much to look at, primarily I'm just thriving on the fact that my VFT's are doing so well considering it was only a few months back I knew so little I killed 3! So I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the fruits of my labour (and the fruits of all of your help on this forum, thank-you). For some reason, given how well my plants seem to be doing, I feel the trap will be able to survive the flowering process, and that's something else I'm curious to see. Call it an experiment!

I miscounted on the above post by the way. The plant with the most traps has 16, and the plant with the least is my blood red, with only 8. He's taking some time to recover and get back up to snuff, but he'll get there!