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Thread: Deformed traps

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    Since i bought a VFT ~1 month ago, all 3 new traps have grown really deformed & curly. The trap itself & the leafy bit along each side of the stem have bumps all over them. There is a number of aphids on the plant - can I spray it with an insecticide spray to kill them off? I'm concerned it will kill the plant by getting insecticide in the traps. What is the best way to remedy this problem?
    Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.

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    submerge the plant in distilled or rain water, it wont hurt it since they come from bogs and well sometimes bogs get a little fuller than usual. I'd keep it in there for at least overnight make sure that the water isnt too hot or too cold though. Room temp shouldnt shock it.
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    Once I had problems with aphids on some of my plants, what I did came from "Savage garden". I put the pot in a zip lock bag and added a dog flea coller (careful that it doesn't touch the plant) to the bag. After a week I checked for aphids and they were all gone, it worked great. Jack
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