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Thread: Artificial Lighting

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    On my window sill, I think my VFTs don't get enough direct sun light. Therefore, I want to switch to artificial lighting. What lighting products do I need? (bulb, fixture) What wattage etc. Where can I buy these things? How long do I leave the light on per day? ETC.

    Tell me everything

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    Hi Ulzar

    I don't grow my VFTs under lights but I do have other plants in tanks. An easy and relatively cheap set up is simply a shop light from a hardward store. I have 4-foot lights (&#369) and 2-foot lights (&#3612). They each take 2 fluorescent tubes and I use one Grow-Lux (about &#366) and one cool white (can't remember but cheaper than the Gro-Lux). Some people use a Sunstick. Depending on how you are going to set up a light, just bear in the mind the shop lights need to hang. Don't get fooled by some lights labeled "plant light" which is nothing more than an incandescent light painted kinda blue-ish. Incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat. I also use a heat lamp bulb to increase heat when needed (from a DISTANCE!).

    Other folks will probably have suggestions for you too.

    Good luck!


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