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Thread: Tea in the plant's soil

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    I rember reading in a book about using tea in the plant's soil to controll PH. Why would you want to do that? Can't the tea kill the plant? What type of tea do you use?


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    The only kind I can think of is Peat Tea?
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    Tea in soil No no, tea in you water supply! Use any herbal tea and let the bag stay in the gallon of distilled water for about one minute to make the water adcidic. Peat moss is allready adcidic. However after awhile with neatral(sp?)distilled water flushing out the adcidity, the soil needs something to replenish the adcidity. Tea is optional. Use the tea once a month to maintain adcid levels. If you don't use tea, than repot once every 2 years is required. A good acidity level will make the plant robust and will encourage good colouration.
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