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Thread: Newbie (kinda)

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    These message boards are great, and I'm glad I stumbled across them. I thought I'd stop in and say hi and introduce myself, since I imagine I'll be on here in the not-too-distant future asking for help and advice (I'm just glowing with confidence, aren't I?)
    I used to grow VFT's when I was younger, but back then I lived in New Jersey where the climate (aside from the cruel winters) was more suitable for growing VFT's. Now, however, fourteen years later, I live in the deserts of Arizona. I ordered a double plant of Green Dragon VTF's and a double of Dentate VFT's, and I'm presently waiting for the order to go through. I have a small aquarium with a glass lid with removeable parts so I can have some air flow waiting for the new guests. I'm going to do some experimenting with lighting (bright windows, or maybe artificial if I ave to), as I'm sure a few 116 degree days will cook them when summer gets into full swing.
    Anyway, I hope things go well with these - I'm sure there'll be a huge learning curve trying to grow VFT's in this climate. I'm sure I'll get to know most of you over time, and I'm looking forward to talking with some like-minded people on here. Happy growing, and I'll talk to you later.


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    Welcome to the forums.
    I typo, therefore I edit.

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    Hey, welcome to the forums!

    My plants are going green to save the environment

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