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Thread: growth spurt

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    are there ways that i can encourage my vft to have a growth spurt?

    aslo one more ? . what do big traps and lil stems mean? my has big traps but small stems or peteoloes

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    There are a couple of ways that people can get their plants to grow...

    1 is time

    2 is feeding it ( 1-2 times monthly ) no more than that.


    Big traps and small stems mean nothing to me. The traps will always be bigger than the stem ( I haven't seen otherwise ).

    You are ok

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    It is possible to create a growth spurt if you starve a plant for a few months and then feed it. It's probbaly better to feed it once or twice a month so that it grows quickly throughout.
    In spring, the plant will grow traps on short, heart shaped leaves and then grow more upright, long leaves in summer with bigger traps.

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