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Thread: Superthrive

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    I got some Superthrive today but I'm a bit unsure how to use it. I've got 17 Petflytrap rhizomes and all but one have started growing new shoots. They are growing very slowly though so I thought I would try perking them up.
    I understand 1 drop per gallon is how much I should use, but should I just use it in the water tray or water from above?

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    I also got about 12 vft bulbs from I used a drop of superthrive per gallon of water and watered them from above.
    In my other post, I mentioned that my bulbs had too much sun and were wilted. They seem to be better now. I think the superthrive helped them survive their unpleasant situation

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    hey guys, your local superthrive spokesperson here (unnoficial of course)

    OK, when using superthrive, I water once, maybe twice a month with it. I water from above. But be very caerful not to 'flood' the pot where organic matter is lifted by the water, you want to water slowly, and allow it to seep around the flytrap, dont water exactly on it. If it helps, get a turkey baster.

    The reason you to this, is to keep water and debris from getting 'in the nooks and cranny's' where it could start decomposing, and damage your flytrap.

    allrighty then... get to it!

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