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Thread: Another newbie here!

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    Here in Alberta we've had a fairly warm summer. Very dry. Weather had been near the 100 degree mark daily for quite some time. Now unfortunately, it seems we're getting cool enough weather to warrant possible frost soon. Like fall or winter. The temps here outside now do not exceed about 65 and not much direct sunlight. I keep my plant inside, where we keep our furnace set at about 70 degrees.

    To heat things up should I pick up one of those full spectrum "desert and tropical" daytime lights (incandescent) from the pet store? They come in anything from 15 - 40 watt, and I'm not sure how else I could warm up her terrarium without this light. I've put tin foil in the top under the florescent light that is already there in the hopes that the heat generated by the power in the light can be reflected down to give a few more degrees warmth, but so far it's oly providing more light!
    I think she might be going dormant...only because she's limp, and starting to brown slightly around the edges. Most of the traps are closed and not re-opening.

    Will a 15 watt florescent bulb in a 1 gallon tank simulate enough sunlight for her to think she's home again? Other than the bulb, there is poor lighting throughout our home. Meaning specifically at no time during the day does she get any direct sunlight, only indirect mild outdoor lighting.

    I have perlite now, and peat moss. I want to put her in a half and half blend, but I don't want to hurt her. So far I'm waiting to see if she shows any signs of improvement before I move her again. I'm hoping she doesn't die!

    The humidity level is upward of 90% in her terrarium right now. There is open air flow, but I have my soil on top of a layer of rock for drainage so that the roots don't stay too wet and rot. I believe there is some water at the bottom of that layer of rock still contributing to the moisture.

    Thanks everybody for all of your help...if there's anything else you can think of that I forgot or any creative ideas for me to improve her conditions please let me know. If her temp is good at 70 then I wont' worry about it. I just haven't seen any improvement in her condition since I moved her intot he terrarium with the light and humidity. So I thought my last resort was heat or not enough light...unless I haven't given her enough time yet (she's been in there now for about 4 days).
    Oh, if I put my flytrap into dormancy will it hurt the drosera? I don't think that one has been answered yet!
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    Let's answer your drosera dormancy question first

    As you have mentioned before, the Cape sundew does not need a dormant period, but loves some DIRECT sunlight (or a good fluorescent light). If your VFT is truly going dormant, it's best to remove it from the terrarium and store it in the fridge under seal plastic bag w/ moist peat moss. Continue providing 12-16 hours lighting for the cape sundew.

    As for the low lighting possibly causing early dormancy; I have a friend who keeps her VFT in the original pot and sphagnum peat moss with the cover on her kitchen windowsill with no direct sunlight and the VFT is not going into dormancy, but grows new green traps (very, very small traps) with no browning or wilting. During VFT early dormancy, new traps will continue to grow, but slower and smaller. Older traps just looks frozen in time and wilts slowly. If your VFT new & old traps are BOTH browning---it's the "blended soil" that's got to go

    I personally do not have problems with re-potting VFT several times during the growing season. Remember...VFT can be propagated via leaf cutting (without roots). So, multiple repotting will not kill your VFT, just slows or prevent mature growth of the plant. If it is the soil that's browning your traps...repotting will save your VFT from sure death

    Let us know how "she" does

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