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Thread: seperating plants

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    i bought a venus fly trap from home depot about a week ago. i thought it was one plant, but it looks like 2 or 3 plants potted together. i was thinking of seperating them and planting them in a bigger pot. is it hard to do? i heard they had fragile roots and im worried that i might damage some when i seperate them.. so how would i do it?

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    I would leave them together for now.They have not had the best growing conditions and are already stressed. I have several that are growing together and it does not seem to hurt the plant. If one starts to die you may want to seperate them then, but I would not do it if they are all healthly.

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    i would leave them as well... infact here at i see there is the option to have 2 plants in one pot... it is a option available durring purchase process on some plants. so i am confident that if that was not a good thing, these guys wouldn't do it
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