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    If if was to boil water, then cool it, and then water my VTF with it would the boiled water harm my VTF?

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    Boiling just gets rid of the chlorine and concentrates the minerals that are disolved in your water. Minerals are what kill your VFT. Flytraps come from an environment where the mineral content of the water is very low. Because of this, flytraps are very sensitive to minerals in the soil and water. Your best bet is to use rain water, distilled water, or RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. Be sure the store bought water doesn't have any additives to give it flavor.
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    Tap water is really bad for your vft
    infact boining your water is more likely to concentrate the minerals that are already in it

    however some tap water is ok you will have to boil water down untill its all gone then if there is no resedew its ok but this is highly unlikely.

    your best bet would be to use distilled water! or rain water
    you can get destilled water your your hardware store grocery store or even sometimes the nerssery

    also If you have an airconditioner the water that comes out of that is destilled
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