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    Hello fellow trappers...I'm sort of new to this whole VFT and I think I'm hooked ...I just recently bought a few VFT's from a local garden center where I live and was wondering what sort of light would produce bigger, redder traps with dense growth? My dad is an avid gardener as well and he's got all sorts of lights...fluorescents, metal halides, and HPS (high pressure sodium) as he grows all year round. I noticed that greenhouses grow many of their plants under those HID lights hanging from the ceiling. My plants are sitting in trays (1" of water) in a terrarium right now with a small fan in it for circulation. Soil is a mix of long fibered sphagnum and silica sand. I'm pretty sure I have everything covered except for the lighting question. I have the option of putting the plants under any light I choose but wanted to ask you experts out there for your opinion. So which light would produce vigourous dense growth with bigger, redder traps

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    Personally I like metal halide..but a good HPS bulb for plants will produce equally good results. I like the metal halide because the colors look more natural under the light. I think the HPS is cheaper to run though (don't quote me on that).

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