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Thread: Soil question

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    Hello, everyone! I just found your forum today! I have a VFT that I am considering transplanting to a bigger pot. I did a Google and saw where it said that you can use African Violet Potting Soil. What does everyone here think? The pot I have it in now is only about 3 inches. It is the pot I bought it in. Also, now that I have found this site, I am thinking of getting a Red VFT. Could it go into a pot with a regular VFT? Thanks!

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    NO!!!! Dont do it!
    As far as I know African Violet Potting Soil contains fertilizers which will burn the roots Just stick to sphagnum peat (60%) and perlite (40%) or you can substitute the perlite with washed sand.

    When you repot turn the whole pot upside down tap the bottom and everything will come out then just place it in the new pot dont knock the old soil off of the roots it may put the plant into shock.

    A red would go just fine with your other plant
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    Can you buy sphagnum peat (60%) and perlite (40%) at a regular plant store? BTW, thanks for telling me NOT to use that African Violet mix! I love my little Audrey II! (I had an Audrey I but my little son turned the whole pot upside down and forgot to tell me! Poor little plant&#33
    I just looked and I guess it is time to repot since the little roots are peeking out the bottom of the pot! Any sage advice before I undertake this repotting? Actually, I AM kinda nervous about doing this!

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    First off WELCOME

    I am happy that you found this place...the people are friendly and helpful, and you have already saved the plant


    What we recommend is Schultz Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss ( whew, out of wind )...

    You can find the Schultz brand at Wal-mart or Target.

    I have tried other types, but have not had luck with them...Schultz brand seems to be the best I have found ( over the counter )

    When you repot...

    Get a bigger pot, you probably have a 3 inch pot that the plant came a 4 inch pot will be large enough for the plant over the long haul.

    Add some peat moss/perlite to the bottom of the 4 inch pot...You can also add long fiber moss ( available at local garden centers ) first if you like....then add some peat/perlite.

    GENTLY, turn over the pot ( not like your son ) and take out the whole plant WITH the soil... Doing that will allow you not to disturb the roots ( that is the major cause of shock for the plant, USPS is the other ).

    Plant the whole clump of dirt with plant into the new pot...Fill the 4 inch pot with the rest of the soil you have.

    All done! No fuss, no muss

    When mixing the peat moss and perlite, get a bucket, toss in some of each ( 60-40 or 50-50 ) and add LOTS of water ( make sure that you ONLY use Distilled or rain water ). Mix the two things together. It will make a themselves it is like sawdust and foam.

    keep s up to date about the plant, and don't forget to place a kid proof lock on the new pot

    Remember too, if the roots are touched or man-handled, the plant will suffer form some will recover. The best thing that you can do for the plant once transplanted is to provide it with the best conditions possible.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Quote (jaie @ July 11 2002,16:53)
    make sure that you ONLY use Distilled or rain water[/QUOTE]
    Emphasis on this!!
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    Welcome to the forum ! Just one other thing. When getting distilled water or reverse osmosis water at the store, make sure that it doesn't have minerals or anything else added for "flavor".
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    Thanks, everyone for being so helpful! I haven't bought the stuff yet to transplant it but I am going to get it this week. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm really glad you can get that one thing at Wal-Marts or Target. That is about the only 2 big stores we have here! So, I lucked out there!

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    well, welcome! One thing I need to add is: wash the sand and mix the peat with distilled, RO, or rain water only! Then ALL should go well(well, maybe not your son...
    I am back..

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