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Thread: Producing the flower

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    Hi !!
    I have a pot with a lot of VFT and this spring I decided to let flowers 5 stalks,and to cut the other 15 stalks. I planted 10 of these in the same pot of the mother plants. Today I found that three of these stalks have produced other little VFT, one for each.
    I think that if you have few plants (less than ten) is better that you cut them off and use the stalks to produce new VFT.
    On the contrary if you have more than ten plants you can decide to let flowers some plants (10%-20%). You'll obtain some seeds and you'll see beautiful flowers.



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    im definitely no cp expert, but a few years back I had a vft for about a yr, and I was so excited that it finally flowered. Soon after, it died. I'm not saying that was definitely the cause, but it may have been.

    Now with the internet i know so much more, but if its already out i wouldn't cut it off since its out already.

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