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Thread: yaaaay it happened

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    Quote (Darcie @ Sep. 23 2002,8:34)
    Oh yah, the other day I was plucking moss to put in some new pots when I found a thingy.

    Yes a thingy. It's hard and green and lumpy and is just sticking out of the peat. It's oh I'd say about .5cm diamiter. Anyone know what this thing is? Is it a peace of my flytrap or the moss or what?[/QUOTE]
    Are you using perlite? I'm finding some of mine are turning green (individual pieces of perlite that is). If I'm not mistaken, it's just algae. Just remove it if that's the case...shouldn't be a problem!
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    The plantlets ( babies ) appear by the side of the mother plant ( the larger one ).

    They are not on runners, and you can separate them from the larger plant later down the road.

    They don't have to flower to make these, it is just a natural process.

    ( and it means you are treating your plants right!!! )

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    I have this spot on one side with an extra bit of traps that are about .5 the size of my normal traps... I've been calling my plant a 1.5 crowner but... is this a plantlet thats getting a bit oversized? My plant seems healthy it grows traps at insain rates when it's happy (it wasn't happy this year untill I fed it though). I figure in another week we'll be up to 25 adult traps asumeing it doesn't suiside any more of them. Which brings me to my next question. It's makeing it's leaves longer, not shorter... and... The traps are very active for this late in the year.... Is my plant uh just NOW leaving dormancey?! I only have the one so I always struggle with nothing to compare it againced.
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