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Thread: Vfts on the west coast

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    theres a book by donald shnell or something called carnivorous plants of north america i believe , it mention about vfts gorwing in toerh staes exceopt of the carolinas .

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    The book is Carnivorous Plants of The United States and Canada. The only other place it talks about vft's growing is the location in Florida. Here's what I have already wrote about it at the begining of this topic.
    Interesting story. I personally disbelieve it, but I am willing to keep my mind open and hear the evidence. Alot of people have told me different places that vft's grow. A few spots in Michigan, And if I'm not mistaken I think it was Nick Hubble told me that a friend of his was growing vft's outside in Ohio.
    There are only one place other than the Carolinas that i know vft's grow. And that is in N. Florida. In 1978 a small area of vft's were found near Tallahassee.There are two different theories on how they got there. One is that some guy (forgot his name) scattered seeds there. The other is that seeds were transported from the Carolinas in mud on the feet of migratory birds. There is a route that migratory birds take that leads them from the coastal Carolinas to the Apalachicola National Forest (where the vft's in Florida are located.)
    If she can produce any fact's I would love to hear them. [/QUOTE]

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