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Thread: Dormacy

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    Hello everyone I have two common VFT's And they Keep growing they just keep shooting up traps there are about 10 coming up between them.

    Do I put them in Dormacy now or when they stop putting up so many traps?

    If I put them in dormacy how long do I leave them dormant?

    I've read things that say 6-10 weeks and I've read things that say 10-12 weeks. So as you can see I'm quite confused as to how long to leave them dormant.

    And also do I feed them alot right before they go dormant?

    Also they seem to have two places where the traps come out of on each plant. Does this mean theres tow plants in each pot? Or there just two places that the bulb(is a bulb also a risome?) can shoot up leaves?

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    Hey there,
    Let's start from the beginning:
    No, don't put them into dormancy now. Forced dormancy is unacceptably risky. Try to taper off the amount of water you give them and shorten the photoperiod(amount of time it receives light). That should buffer it into dormancy. If it isn't dormant by Thanksgiving, force it. Dormancy shouldn't be any shorter than three months, and no longer than five months. Yes, I feed mine right up to when I banish them to the fridge. The rhisome has grown too large to have only one growing point, so it has expanded horizontally. VFTs don't have technical bulbs, they are correctly called rhisomes, pseudo-bulbs, etc. I think I covered everything. Anyone disagree with me? I'll be happy to debate things with you.
    Good luck,

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