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Thread: first meal

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    My new flytraps had their first meal, a small moth that decided to fly into my face when I was looking at the plants. I placed it on the leaf and it walked right into my dente's trap. Also, my red dragon, which I thought might have been dying from being shipped, started to grow two new leaves.
    thanks for your help everyone.

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    Hope they do ok. A huge bluebottle triggered one of my traps today but leaving it would have meant the trap rotting and the fly dieing. So I fed it to one of my pitchers instead.
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    A huge moth was somehow injured on the ground at my house and it was flipping out like a maniac when I put him in my dente (good thing he did flip out) and it closed aqnd thing didn't mave a thing after that! LOL. It was so funny! Yes I am cruel.
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    A mosquito popped up from the soil and naturally came into a trap.But I usually drop insects in the traps manually.
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