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Thread: Clipping dead or dieing leaves?

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    Ok, dumb question but when you clip the leaves do you take
    them out or do you leave them in the Terr? I leave them in
    the terrarium, which makes me wonder if my two new little
    plants that are growing came from that or not. Either way
    I have two new Dente growing which is exciting Now the
    next question. I bought these plants here last year and they
    and they should probably go dormant this year, how much
    further should I let them go before I remove the two little
    plants and grow them seperatly? Or will they survive going
    dormant with the others?
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    Congrats on your new plants.

    I guess it depends on what state of decomposure the leaves are in. If you clip them while they are green, sure leave them in and they may grow new plants. But if they shrivel up and turns brown, I think the chances of it growing a new plant is remote.

    Removal of the two new plants depends on whether you want to or not. I would expect all but extremely small VFTs could withstand a dormancy, but you'll stunt their growth and risk their lives if you do. I'd take them out to be on the safe side when you plan to move the older plants into dormancy.

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    the baby venus flytraps you see are probably just side shoots from the mother plant. You should take out the dead leaves once you clip them, or they will surely mold, and cause problems.

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