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Thread: Flytrap care for the newcomer

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    I have a small flytrap and it is producing new leaves, but at the same time, leaves are turning black and dying. I have it is a sunny window, fairly warm, but I have been giving it tap water, which I see is a no-no. How big should this thing grow? Is it a good idea to transplant it. My new leaf groth has no pink color, only green. What can a novice do to improve growing conditions for this little guy?

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    Hi Lynda.. Welcome to the forums.

    First thing I tell almost all new VFT owners is arm yourself with knowledge. There are several very good sources of info on VFTs. Here are a couple of my favorites:

    FAQ pages
    PFT care sheet

    There are also a couple forum members care sheets posted here in this forum.

    In answer of your specific questions...
    1. Leaves turning black from the trap towords the center is fine, part of the normal cycle of life on a VFT leaf.
    2. Do not use tap water!! Very important!! Tap water contains high levels of dissolved minerals that are toxic to most CP's. Use only distilled, reverse osmosis, or rain water.
    3. There is some debate on how big VFTs can grow. See Here
    4. Transplanting is best done in early spring, just before the plant emerges from dormancy. VFTs can live very happily in a 3 inch pot for many years. If you must transplant, take care not to disturb the roots too much. A 50/ 50 mixture of sphagnum peat and washed sand is the prefered soil mix.
    5. Sunlight is the key for good coloration. If you can possibly find a nice sunny spot outdoors then move it there. 8+ hours of full sun per day is recommended. (it will also be able to capture its own prey that way).

    Good luck with your plant
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