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Thread: Carnivorous plants...

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    It was brought to my attention today, mainly because I never really thought of it this way, that vegetarians must really hate Venus Fly Traps because they go against what the vegetarian believes: don't eat meat.

    Just curious.. are there any vegetarians out there? What are your ideas on meat-eating plants?

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    I have played with the 'veggie thing' but couldb't stick to it b/c of work.

    Anyway, I think the better question to ask is about the killing on any living thing.

    Many people cannot find it in their heart to harm another living creature. Ant, slug, person, Laker Fan....

    Remember that there is an alternative to feeding your CP's. They do not have to eat a bug to live. And many have had great success with Fertilizers ( is an Orchid Fertilizer. You don't fertilize the roots, but the leaves)
    Also, people have used: eggwhite, superthrive, tea, eggshells, pine needles

    Some things are more so used for adding acidicty to the soil....while others are used to supplement food for the plant.

    If the plant 'eats' it will grow bigger, faster....but if it doesn't 'eat' it will still grow, just not as fast

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    I'm a vegetarian... I have a VFT... My opinion is - "that's the food chain!" I have no problem with animals eating animals, or .. plants eating animals for that matter!, because that is how they survive, that is how they were made. For example - you can't feed a cat only vegetables and expect it to be healthy. The cat's digestive system was made to tolerate raw meats n stuff.

    I'm a human, I have a choice as to whether or not I should eat meat, and I choose not to, as I can survive without it and am able to get plenty of protein and irons n stuff elsewhere.

    Hm, this doesn't seem like a post fit for the VFT care information & tips!

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    Ya know Jaimeanne I think you're right
    Normally something this simple I'd let slide but it might be fun to see other peoples opinions on the subject so I'll move it to general discussions.
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