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Thread: Aquarium w. Flytrap

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm really new to flytraps, but I noticed that it makes it really difficult to water my flytrap because it's in a bowl "aquarium", similar to the picture on the first page of this website [ ].

    - When pouring in water from above, the traps close
    - When tipping the bowl to avoid watering from above, the water gathers down the bottom and as it fills it floods some traps
    - With the small opening on the top, it makes it hard to water at all

    I find there are no real benefits of keeping your flytrap in a bowl (the issue of humidity may be worth noting, if you living conditions are dry).

    Besides all that, no insects ever fly into the bowl! Grrrr!!!

    The only problem is now, how do you get it out?! I threw in some seeds the other month and they're starting to sprout. Now my original plant loves the bowl (ten...yes TEN new traps in one week!&#33. Should I flood the blood til the soil is totally saturated, and gently lift the plant(s) out (to avoid damaging the roots). Smash the bowl?

    Any ideas?


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    Fugazi, I can help you with the watering. Use a turkey baister, it works great(from experince) and you can be more precise were the water goes. As for removing the plants from the bowl, each has its own risk so I can only wish you luck Jack
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    What on earth did you do Fughazi? I'm having a similar problem, wanting to "flush" out my fish bowl, (have been using wrong water) and everytime I try do to something in there everything gets rearranged. I end up getting dirt in the traps and they close up. Quite a delicate situation.

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    erm, wait till they go dorment? I to am going to be having plants this such things, but I have an idea about it. I'm going to keep everyone in their own pot and fill the gaps and edges with glass globs Then I can just "tray" water them in the terrariums So I sagest that if you do change things.
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    Hey Guys/Gals

    when you water the plants in a bowl, what you want to do is water along the sides...and you don't need to put a lot of water in there.

    What you are looking for is that the soil is moist...but not damp. That is what we recommend to people and we have several terrariums setup all over.

    1/4- 1/2 cup of water when you water.

    Check the soil with your fingure and see if it is moist, if drier than usual, add some water, but a little at a time, and around the bowl.

    The turkey tube is another great idea!

    You also want to avoid putting water on top of the plants, and rahter put it around them ( that is why watering the sides would be better ).

    When the times comes to remove the plants from your setup, I would take all the soil in the area of the plant. NOT just the plant.

    This will ensure that are taking all the roots and not damaging the plant.

    If you are going to place them in the fridge for a dormancy, then, gently shake off the soil....or you can place the plant in a bowl of water and wash it off.

    As long as you try and remove lots of soil with the plant, you should be fine.

    Also, remember, depending on how deep your soil level is and how large the bowl is, the roots will be all around. That is why it is important to get it all!

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