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Thread: Starting out

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    Hey Im sure this messege board gets this a lot but I am looking into growing flytraps for fun. The thing is that I am going on a mission for my church in august and i will be gone for two years. Is it possible for the plant to hibernate that long and if not I would like to buy a plant easy enought o care for so my family could do it. I have some questions:
    1. About how big will the plant be by the end of 2 years?
    2. I live in oregon, not much sun, do I need to invest in florescent lights or will sunny days a few times a week be good enough?
    3. I read over the care sheet for vfts. Anything else I should know for my climate(pacific norhtwest)?
    4. what exactly is the flytrap? Is it the flower? So it will bloom by seasons and go away?

    Thanx for any help


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    Hi swizzbeatz. Welcome to the forums !

    In answer to your first question, no, they can't hibernate for two years. Four months is the most I have seen recommended. Your best bet would be to wait until you get back or leave it with someone to take care of while you're gone.

    As for your other questions:
    1. Size will depend on what kind of VFT you get and how well it is taken care of. The plants I bought from Exotic Gardens last year are about six inches across.
    2. VFTs like lots of direct sun. So unless you live in a dry, hot place, get them as much as you can. I would try growing them without fluorescent lights first, then use them if necessary to supplement sunlight if needed later.
    3. Some of the members from that area will have to answer this one for you.
    4. This is a typical Venus Flytrap (picture is from the Exotic Gardens store page):

    The traps are the toothed part at the ends of the leaves. The flowers aren't carnivorous, they just look nice and produce seeds.

    Here is another link that will take you to the Exotic Gardens storefront page where you can see this flytrap as well as pictures of three other varieties of VFTs. Exotic Gardens VFTs

    This link has more info that is great for beginners in this addiction...... uhh.... I mean hobby .

    The Venus Flytrap FAQ page

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