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Thread: Question plz help!

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    remember the AWESOMENESS topic that I posted about my VTF eating a fly well I'm curious about how the trap is doing it still hasent opend up from when I fed it and the trap is bloated and a brown spot the size of maybe a
    888 <-- that is the size of the spot lol I couldn't describe it anyways is this unhealthy for the plant? Also when should the plant deflate and reopen?

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    It sounds like the fly was sufficiently large that it is decaying in the trap. The brown part that you see is probably dead tissue that will likely turn black and that particular trap will die. I doubt that this particular trap will reopen. This response is typical when a VFT trap catches a big juicy bug that overwhelms the ability of the trap to digest it. This is why it is not wise to stuff all of the plant's traps with big bugs. Don't worry, new leaves and traps will emerge.

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    Also if you just got the plant, it was probably in a green house and didn't catch alot of bugs. If this is true then it could take some time to get use to eating again. Give it one very small bug, about once a month then increase the size slowly.

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