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Thread: Care Check List

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    In all honesty, I have never taken care of a plant before in my life. I am determined that the VFTs I will be receiviing soon will not die. So, before they actually start to notice that they are no longer located at Exoctic Gardens, I want to get some tips to make them feel "at home"

    Okay, here goes:
    1) The plants like distilled WATER. Do not give them faucet water, baby sister! Let Big Brother supply you with ye gallons (okay, not the whole thing to the plant--thanks!) of distilled water so we may provide our beautiful plants with sufficient drink. Also, do not pour it on their heads. Pour it (gently now!) in the soil around them--I think, perhaps, maybe.
    2) The plants like LIGHT, and lots of it. Give them a nice window seat. That somewhat shaded window seat in the room might keep the plants happy!
    3) Those traps with teeth are not toys, and they do not enjoy eating finger sandwhiches. The look and do not touch doctorine must be enforced! The oracle knows all!
    4) BUGS are good for the flower--let it catch them. Things that you would eat are bad for flower. Furthermore, some things you would not eat (like useless pennies) are bad for the flower as well!
    5) HUMIDITY - let us keep our plants happy with nice and humid air. My the master guide me to proper care of the VFT!
    6) SOIL - good soil makes for good plant. Yes, No, CanceL? Unfortunately, I am still a tiny grasshopper in this area and must consult the master for proper soil treating instructions.

    I'm sure I missed something. Please help me out with my care list guys. I want to keep the plants happy and help my baby sister keep her plant happy as well. I want to develop a check list to make sure they are getting what they need. I only know basic care: give plant some sunlight (direct sunlight or a shaded window to backyard?), let it eat bugs (and sometimes be fed by us), and keep it watered (soil moist, but not sure on how often to water).

    Any guidance on caring for the VFTs would be greatly appreciated. I'm excited about the future, and won't to keep the flowers growing and happy for a long time.

    Thank you all for yoru time.

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    The babies are in. Whoo!

    The US Postal Service has destroyed them not.

    They are cute babies.... must find bugs to feed. Must leave in container until... something is figured out

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    Things you missed, but neglected to mention are as follows:

    Don't OVER feed...
    Don't keep a terrarium lid on if they are in direct sunlight... (id est, dont cook them)

    other than that, good job, you'll do good!!!

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