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Thread: My Perlite is changing colour...

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    My Perlite is turning a greeny colour, or more precisely there is something green growing on it. It isn't present on the peat moss, just on the Perlite. The Perlite is quite new (3-4 weeks ago I repotted my VFT). The plants are indoors with a humidity level of about 80%, flourescent lighting and some air currents (but not much..).

    Could it be mould, algae or something else?

    Anybody else got the same thing happening?

    What is causing it, and how do I get rid of it easily?


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    Hi Oli,
    Without a doubt, its algae, and will be harmless.
    Any new wet or damp compost surface is an open invite for anything that wishes to colonise it and of course, algae is one of the first do do that!

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