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Thread: Common VFTs and lighting

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    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie here--been playing with CPs for about a month. Anyway, I live in an rather dark apartment where I can only get full sun on my balcony for about 2-3 hours in the morning, shade all the rest of the day. I'd like my common VFTs to develop that deep red color in their traps but I'm afraid there isn't enough sun on my balcony for that. So, I'm considering an indoor terrarium with flourescent lighting. Is it possible to achieve the deep red trap coloration that I see in some pictures of common VFTs with 3-4 20 Watt cool white flourescents at about 8 inches away from the plants (for 16 hours per day)? Has anyone done this? Expert opinions?

    Anyone have pictures of their setup?

    Regards, Devin.

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    Hey Devin,

    Your plants will survive with that morning light, but as you probably know they willnot be so robust... so you can try a light system, my vft, that i grow in the winter seem to enjoy there 2 2 tube 48" 80 watt set up... but you can try something much smaller than that.... but i know this is a big setup and you can try your idea of a setup, and if you are seriously thinking of getting into cp's a larger setup woudl be nice, but just do what you think you need ok...

    i hope i helped,
    Just a capsule of energy brought on this umbrageous oak I see.

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