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Thread: Change of scenery

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    Hey guys,

    Many thanks for the great advice on my "lots of traps which don't opne or eat bugs" problem which I posted a while ago! The little beast is still growing new leaves, but much much slower and the traps are still not opening all the way OR eating bugs, but he seems to be healthy, so I'll be patient!

    However, I now have a new problem to tax you guys with! I am shortly moving to South Africa, to the hot east coast of Durban. And yes, I am taking the little beast with me (shhhh . . . don't tell SA immigration - they will FREAK!), so what I want to know is this.

    Durban is a very hot place - at the moment it is hitting around 31 degrees C every day, with humidity levels up around 70%. I obviously can't leave the little guy in the sun - surely he will wilt? And ..... do VFT's like mosquitoes, 'cause if there is one thing in plentiful supplies there, it's mozzies!

    General helpful hints on moving from a cold, grey country with almost no sunlight to a hot, humid one with 12 hours of sunshine a day, please - can't lose him now!


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    Hey Angellus

    I would say the best thing for the plant is to keep it indoors! ( the sun and temps may be too much for the plant. )

    Make sure you have him sitting in a dish of water and never let it dry!

    Humidity isn't a big factor, but since you have a lot, the plant will probably enjoy it.

    Good luck! :smile:

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