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Thread: Wormie things!

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    I know I was wrong, it was only as guess 'cause I was reading about them (Sorry) . But . . .

    nematodes are microscopic[/QUOTE]
    The original post described one species thats a bit bigger
    Hoplolaiminae. Female: Body straight, large (1-2 mm long).[/QUOTE]
    Yeah, but it's not like they come in a can and you spray them on. [/QUOTE]
    Well, here in the UK predator Nematodes do 'come in a can', so you can 'spray them on' (Well, shake them on)

    eg. The product 'Nemaslug Slug Killer' is a pack of 12 Million 'Phasmarhabditis Hermaphrodita' nematodes.

    The company also sells predatory nematodes for Vine Weevels, Leatherjackets, Chafer Grubs etc

    Again, sorry for the (wrong) guess about the wormie things. Maybe you can find a local company that can sell a useful species of nematode to you.



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    Wow, i'm gonna start reading about something then make a joke. I saw a place that you could spray them on.

    The only thing is, do I really need that many? Anyone know a place that sells smaller lots of nematodes? Hmm, it's for only say, 100 3-4" pots.
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