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Thread: Venus flytrap flower

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    I am somewhat new to flytrap (ft) and discussions about them but mine has flowered and I am wondering..Since I did let it complete the flower process and it looks like I have seeds, how do I cultivate and grow my own? I understand that the seeds are about the size of a period but are they the little yellow dots that look like pollen balls? When should I get them off or do they fall off? Thanks for your help in this!

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    Moved topic to here for better response opportunity.
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    Just leave the dead flower be untill the whole stalk turns crisp and brown. Then the seeds will be ripe and either fall off on their own or be ready for you to try and collect.
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    The little yellow balls that look like pollen balls are not seeds. They are... well... pollen balls. The seeds are not there as soon as the flower opens. You have to pollenate the flowers first. For more help, go to the topic entitled ''My vfts are sending up flower stalks, for the first time!''
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