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Thread: Do I water a plant in Dormancy??

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    I am very new at this and now I have put my Venus Fly Trap in the fridge for Dormancy. Do I continue watering it and is there any other tips I need to watch for on caring for it during this dormancy period? Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you all.

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    Hey Cortina

    Now that you have put your plant to sleep... You still need to water. Although you just want to keep it moist. No real wet because it might create fungus or rot, but not to less where it will dry up. Find the happy medium. :smile:

    If you want ( not a requirement) you can spray the plant with a anti fungus/rot spray.
    Just remember to check on it like once a week to make sure that everything looks fine and that is has enough water.

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    Thanks for the help

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