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Thread: Some beginner questions...

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    if the traps grow over top of eachothe what happnes?

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    nothing really but the trap on the bottom may die cause it gets less light i have had big traps snap shut on small ones and it never hurt the trap inside

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    Help!! We received our new fly traps plants 2 weeks ago and we have several new green leaves but not new traps. The old leaves and traps are black and need to be discarded. Is this plant still alive?

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    Hey Ange,

    As long as you have new growth coming form the center of the plant. It is still alive.

    You should notice new traps that form on the ends of the leaves that grow.

    They take some time to develop to mature traps.

    If you have leaves that are turning black...cut them off.

    If the trap is black, just cut the trap. The green parts can still be used to make energy for the plant ( photosynthesis )

    Keep us informed about your plants!

    And Welcome to the forums!!

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