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Thread: Humidity concerns

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    the average humdity is good enough for the plant. But when the sun is out the humdity drops below 40%. Im a bit concerned. Check out my weather conditions

    During noon and after noon it hits about 35% and I know the recommended amount is above 40. But its not all the time and only in the noon. However, that is when the sun is out and when humidity is needed to keep my plants from frying.

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    I'm going to set myself up to be shot here but I have found that humidity on the whole can be fudged with few problems. When I was in Colorado 35% humidity was considered high and I was growing plants outside and on windowsills. Here in Atlanta the average is ~50% but there are weeks were it'll be 35-40% and none of my plants have suffered. If your plant is already acclimated to outside conditions then it should do fine, the daily cycle shouldn't hurt it and I am sure humidity probably jumps up some at night too.


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    If you are worried, mist with distilled water periodically.

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